At Kemp Strang, we believe that by creating a more environmentally and socially responsible workplace, we're also investing in our people, the community and the environment. So we're committed to continually monitoring and improving our work practices.

Our environmental sustainability program started in 2006, with the establishment of our 'sustainability@ks', a program through which we implement our community and environmental commitments. This program is underpinned by comprehensive policies and procedures which also consider business continuity and risk management.

We aim to create and maintain long term, stable relationships with our stakeholders based on the key principles of sustainability@ks. These include responsible, ethical and transparent business operations; respect for the health, safety, equality and continued development of our staff; protection of the environment in which we operate and fostering a work environment that encourages community involvement.

Internally we 'live' our environmental aspirations through the use of innovative technology, renewable energy use and partnering with supply chains who share the same ideals. Our fit-out at 175 Pitt Street is an example of where we have used best practice in selection of environmentally friendly components and the installation of sensor lighting throughout the office.

In a further commitment to sustainability we have joined the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA). The 2016 AusLSA Member Report can be viewed here. Our firm has now published our sixth annual report on the firm's sustainability for the 2015/16 financial year.



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